Technological development generates a continuous need for training which is a fundamental tool for Human Resources Management. GSB is committed to improving the efficiency of the company's work, while allowing it to adapt to the new circumstances that arise both inside and outside the organization and give the tools to employees to acquire greater skills, knowledge and skills that increase their competence better performance by being an important motivating tool.

Scrum Master Course

As Scrum Master you will be sure to comply with the good practices and values described in the Scrum model. You Will be the coach/mentor to accompany your team throughout the development of the project and ensure that good practices are met, acting as a facilitator and problem solver.

Project Management Course

With Project Profesional, manage your projects more efficiently with the correct timeline, budget and resources. Automated programming tools reduce inefficiencies and learning time. Manage resources efficiently to generate project teams and create agendas Make decisions with integrated reports that support informed decisions

SQL Course

SQL Server is a Microsoft relational database management system (RDBMS) that is designed for your business environment. The SQL Course will allow you, mainly, to query relational databases, but will also cover the definition, control and management of data and more.

Office Course

The Office are a group of applications, techniques and tools of computer type that is used to perform all kinds of office functions and thus improve our processes, procedures, and all kinds of elements related to this field. In this category, the entire Office package or whatever you need (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and more.)

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