CEHv11 – Certified Ethical Hacker


This program provides a deep understanding of the phases of ethical hacking, various attack vectors, and preventative countermeasures. It will teach you how hackers maliciously think and act so that you can be better positioned to establish your security infrastructure and defend against future attacks. Understanding system vulnerabilities and weaknesses helps organizations strengthen their system security controls to reduce the risks of an incident. CEH was created to incorporate a practical environment and systematic processes across all ethical hacking methodology and domains, providing you with the opportunity to work providing the skills and knowledge required to carry out the work of an ethical hacker. You will be exposed to a totally different posture through responsibilities and measures required to be safe. In its 11th version, CEH continues to evolve with the latest operating systems, tools, tactics, exploits, and technologies.

Addressed to

  • Administrator / Information Security Analyst
  • Information Assurance Security Officer
  • Information Security Specialist / Manager
  • Information Systems Security Manager / Engineer
  • Information Security Officers / Professionals
  • IT Auditors / in Information Security
  • Vulnerabilities / Threats / Risks Analyst
  • System Administrators
  • Network Engineers and Administrators


40 hours


  • Face-to-face

  • Virtual live through digital platforms

  • on site

Related Courses

  • Certified Penetration Testing Professional – CPENT

  • Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator – CHFI

It includes

  • 40 hours of training

  • certified instructors

  • Participant Handbook

  • Certification Exam

  • Proof of participation


Lesson 1: Introduction to Ethical Hacking

Lesson 2: Footprints and Recognition

Lesson 3: Network Scanning

Lesson 4: Enumeration

Lesson 5: Vulnerability Analysis

Lesson 6: Hacking Systems

Lesson 7: Malware Threats

Lesson 8: Sniffing

Lesson 9: Social Engineering

Lesson 10: Denial of Service

Lesson 11: Session Hijacking

Lesson 12: Evasion of IDS, Firewalls and Honeypots

Lesson 13: Hacking Web Servers

Lesson 14: Hacking Web Applications

Lesson 15: SQL injection

Lesson 16: Hacking Wireless Networks

Lesson 17: Mobile Platform Hacking

Lesson 18: Hacking IoT (Internet of Things)

Lesson 19: Cloud Computing

Lesson 20: Cryptography

Lesson 21: Certification Scheme

Lesson 22: Exam Description

Lesson 23: Review and Evaluation

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