This program is a comprehensive course covering important research scenarios, allowing students to gain hands-on experience. The program provides a strong knowledge base of the key concepts and practices in forensic domains relevant to organizations today. Additionally, CHFI provides a firm understanding of digital forensics domains.

Addressed to

  • All IT professionals involved with information security systems, computer forensics, and incident response.


40 hours


  • Face-to-face

  • Virtual live through digital platforms

  • on site

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  • Certified Ethical Hacker – CEHv11

  • Certified Network Defender – CND

It includes

  • 40 hours of training

  • certified instructors

  • Participant Handbook

  • Certification Exam

  • Proof of participation


Lesson 1: Computer Forensics in Today’s World

Lesson 2: Computer Forensics Investigation Process

Lesson 3: Understanding File Systems and Hard Drives

Lesson 4: Data Acquisition and Duplication

Lesson 5: Defeat Anti-Forensic Techniques

Lesson 6: Forensic Investigation to the Operating System

Lesson 7: Network Forensics

Lesson 8: Network Attack Investigation

Lesson 9: Database Forensics

Lesson 10: Cloud Forensics

Lesson 11: Malware Forensics

Lesson 12: Email Crime Investigation

Lesson 13: Mobile Device Forensics

Lesson 14: Writing and Submitting Forensic Reports

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