JAVA SE 8 Fundamentals


This program allows participants to be introduced to object-oriented programming using the Java language and, through hands-on exercises, begin to build a knowledge base to boost their development career.

Addressed to

  • Anyone interested in learning about the Java programming language.


40 hours


  • Face-to-face

  • Virtual live through digital platforms

  • on site

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It includes

  • 40 hours of training

  • Trained instructors

  • Participant manual in digital format

  • Proof of participation


Lesson 1: What is a Java program?

  • Introduction to computer programs

  • Key features of the Java language

  • The Java technology and development environment

  • Run/test a Java program

Lesson 2: Creating a Java Main Class

  • java classes

  • main method

Lesson 3: Data in the cart

  • Introducing variables

  • work with strings

  • working with numbers

  • Manipulate numeric data

Lesson 4: Managing Multiple Items

  • work with conditions

  • Work with a list of items

  • Processing a list of items

Lesson 5: Description of objects and classes

  • Work with objects and classes

  • Definition of fields and methods

  • Declaration, instantiation and initialization of objects

  • Work with object references

  • Do more with arrays

  • Introducing the NetBeans IDE

  • Soccer League Use Case Presentation

Lesson 6: Manipulate and Format Data in Your Program

  • Using the String class

  • Using the Java API Documents

  • Using the StringBuilder class

  • More on primitive data types

  • The remaining numeric operators

  • Promote and cast variables

Lesson 7: Creating and Using Methods

  • using methods

  • Method arguments and return values

  • Static methods and variables

  • How arguments are passed to a method

  • overload a method

Lesson 8: Using Encapsulation

  • Access control

  • encapsulation

  • constructor overload

Lesson 9: More about conditionals

  • Relational and conditional operators

  • More ways to use if/else constructs

  • Use of change statements

  • Using the NetBeans debugger

Lesson 10: More on Arrays and Loops

  • work with dates

  • Parse the array of arguments

  • Two-dimensional arrays

  • Alternative loop constructions

  • nesting loops

  • The ArrayList class

Lesson 11: Using Inheritance

  • Inheritance Overview

  • Work with subclasses and superclasses

  • Overriding methods in the superclass

  • Introducing polymorphism

  • Create and extend abstract classes

Lesson 12: Using Interfaces

  • Polymorphism in core JDK classes

  • Use of interfaces

  • Using the list interface

  • Presentation of Lambda expressions

Lesson 13: Exception Handling

  • Exception Handling: Overview

  • Exception Propagation

  • Catch and throw exceptions

  • Handling multiple exceptions and errors

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