Programming with Python I


This program allows participants at the end of both Lessons to be able to use the Python programming language to operate databases, concurrency, and use protocols for data access.

Addressed to

  • IT professionals from various disciplines who need to perform essential Linux administration tasks; These include installation, establishing network connectivity, physical storage management, and basic security administration


40 hours


  • Face-to-face

  • Virtual live through digital platforms

  • on site

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  • Programming with Python II

It includes

  • 40 hours of training

  • Trained instructors

  • Participant manual in digital format

  • Proof of participation


Lesson 1: Introduction to Python

  • Architecture

  • Invoking the interpreter

  • The interpreter and his environment

  • Source code encoding

  • Numeric data types

  • character strings

  • lists

  • Introduction to programming

Lesson 2: Control Structures

  • The if statement

  • The statement for

  • The range() function

  • The break, continue, and else statements

  • The sentence passed

  • Functions

  • lambda expressions

Lesson 3: Data Structures

  • lists

  • Using lists as stacks

  • Using lists as queues

  • List comprehension

  • Nested list comprehensions

  • The instruction of

  • Tuples and sequences

  • sets

  • Dictionaries

  • Iterations

Lesson 4: Classes

  • names and objects

  • Contexts and namespaces

  • Class definition syntax

  • class objects

  • Instance objects

  • method objects

  • Class and instance variables

  • Inheritance

  • private variables

  • generators

  • Generating expressions

Lesson 5: Lessons

  • Introduction

  • Lessons as scripts

  • standard lessons

  • The dir() function

  • packages

  • Internal references in packages

  • Packages in multiple directories

Lesson 6: Managing text strings

  • String operators

  • Concatenate

  • Double

  • Conversion

  • Replacement

  • escape sequences

  • Regular expressions

Lesson 7: Number Processing

  • math and cmath lessons

  • operator lesson

  • fractions lesson

  • decimal lesson

  • gmpy2 lesson

Lesson 8: Array Management

  • array lesson

  • Extensions for numeric calculations in arrays

Lesson 9: Operations with date and time data types

  • lesson time

  • datetime lesson

  • pytz lesson

  • dateutil lesson

  • lesson schedule

  • calendar lesson

Lesson 10: Entry and Exit

  • formatting

  • String formatting

  • Reading and writing files

  • File Object Methods

  • Save structured data with json

Lesson 11: Errors and Exceptions

  • syntax errors

  • exceptions

  • handling exceptions

  • User-defined exceptions

  • Predefined actions

Lesson 12: Virtual Environments and Packages

  • Introduction

  • Creating Virtual Environments

  • Handling packets with pip

Lesson 13: Introduction to the Standard Library

  • Interface to operating system

  • Command line arguments

  • Redirection of error output and program termination

  • Data compression

  • batteries included

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