Technological Solutions



This is an innovative startup that is being incubated at GSB Mexico. We believe it is time for companies to incubate intra and extra entrepreneurs. We are looking for win-win-win-win-win relationships:

  • The incubator company gains from the potential growth of the business. For example, incubated initiatives transfer their technology to open new lines of business. The relationship is maintained after the incubated initiative becomes an independent company.
  • The innovation program wins because the company’s innovation universe expands.
  • The intra- or extra-entrepreneur incubatee wins because they exchange work for a retainer fee. In addition, they can access the existing infrastructure of the incubation company. This allows entrepreneurs to start up and begin operations earlier.
  • Ultimately, we want the innovations incubated to solve big problems to improve the world. Moonshots are welcome.

Projects completed