Organizational Responsibility and Social Solidarity

Who are we?

The area of Organizational Responsibility and Social Solidarity was born as a need to contribute and involve GSB in the community, as well as to promote identification with the company, positive communication among GSB members and the growth of both employees and the company.

Our Objectives

  • Involve GSB in the community through social projects.
  • Encourage development, identification with the company and positive communication among GSB employees.
  • Enhance GSB’s growth through strategic alliances with other companies.

Main functions of the area

  • Creation of new organizational and social projects
  • Monitoring and improvement of existing organizational and social projects
  • Supplier Recruitment
  • Creation of alliances with companies
Imagen principal de ROSS área importante de GSB


All those decisions or actions are executed in a conscious, transparent and lawful manner by the groups or organizations, aimed at the welfare of society or environment where they work, assuming the consequences and committing ourselves to the solutions of those that require it.


At GSB we encourage, on a daily basis, the capacity or attitude that all people in our society have to help and support each other in specific aspects of daily life.

And therefore also in the workforce with which we provide the projects in which we work in the different services.

GSB Connection and Vida Productiva, ROSS projects

GSB connection

At Conexión GSB we seek to generate safe spaces based on trust, confidentiality and respect, where all GSB members can express themselves freely, in order to improve communication and thus achieve a positive impact on personal growth, as well as on the organizational climate and facilitate the coordination of actions in GSB…

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GSB Productive Life

This projectaims tocreate job opportunities with flexible schedules for adults, allowing their continuous development, learning, contributions and economic solvency , resulting inbilateral growth…

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Specialized Personnel Services

Hiring of specialized personnel, for clients, in different areas, operatives such as warehousemen, field technical support, administrative as Corporate Receptionist, Corporate Support, Accountants, Marketing Specialist, also if your needs require it, we offer the service of Recruitment and selection…

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Imagen Check Up

Medical Check Up Internal Web Application

The purpose of this application is to enable users to request medical appointments at hospitals, with an agreement for CH approval and processing for payroll deduction in SAP, as well as periodic compliance with medical requirements. This project consists of providing service…

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