Mexico conquered Elon

The construction of Tesla's Gigafactory 5 in Santa Catarina, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, will be completed in record time: less than nine months. It will be the first in Latin America and the third outside the U.S....

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ITIL® 4 Foundation in IT Service Management Certification

New Certification After a year of work to achieve accreditation we have achieved it and we want to share it with everyone. It is an honor for GSB to announce this...

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Technological Solutions

We optimize your company's processes through the use of state-of-the-art technology.

  • Software development, .NET, Java, Mobile, SAP, HTML, PHP, etc.
  • SQL, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, etc. databases.
  • APIs, BAPIs, Webservices, integrations.
  • Consulting
  • Process improvement
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ICT solutions management

We identify your needs and define the required actions, providing:

  • Support
  • Remote and on-site support
  • Computer and laptop maintenance
  • Server maintenance
  • Network support
  • Storage capacities
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Human capital management

We support you in the management of human capital, achieving appropriate talent searches for each vacancy.

  • Outsourcing
  • Headhunting
  • Payroll
  • Business Partners
  • Background check
  • Rehire
  • Training
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ROSS - Responsibility and Solidarity

The Organizational Responsibility and Social Solidarity area was born as a need to contribute and involve GSB in the global community.

  • Creation of new organizational and social projects
  • Monitoring and improvement of existing organizational and social projects
  • Supplier Recruitment
  • Creation of alliances with companies
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Since 2008, when GSB was conceived, our objective was clear and remains firm: to efficiently solve the technological and human talent needs of the institutions that require it.

What solutions can we offer you?

Technological Solutions

We ensure compliance with objectives, optimization and processes´ automation through the use of technology and statistical information for decision making.

ICTs Services

We have a team of trained and updated specialists, which allows us to provide an efficient service in technology: on-site, remote, field, help desk, software and hardware support.

Human Capital

We have a direct impact on the productivity and competitiveness of your human capital through the training of your employees.


Design, development and delivery of training and content for the users of this service to achieve their objectives.


We offer specialized services in Cyber Security in real time with the best tools, alliances and technology for the protection of your information and operation.

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Latest Projects

Imagen principal representación MENCYCO

MEMCYCO for Latin America

Customer Business area Year After the analysis of the best tools in the market, GSB starts the sales representation of MEMCYCO for Latin America. MEMCYCO is an Israeli company specializing in innovative cybersecurity technologies that give the user the certainty of entering a genuine site. This company stands out because its technology monitors and issues…

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Imagen principal del sitio web Mejores Empresas de Latinoamérica

Best Companies in Latin America Website

Customer Business area Year Best Companies in Latin America is the website of a unique program with worldwide presence that is part of Deloitte’s global “Best Managed Companies” program. It is important to mention that the process of each country is carried out with this application and from GSB we are in charge of providing…

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Imagen principal de LetStartUp

LetStartup Deloitte startup program

Customer Business area Year LetStartup is a Deloitte program that seeks startups in growth stage in Latin America, so they can bring to market their products and/or services that solve a specific industry challenge, through an agile process to generate business opportunities in conjunction with Deloitte. This program is being implemented in 16 Latin American…

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Imagen principal de equipos de computo

Computer equipment audits

This project was carried out to serve multiple clients who need service capture forms and executive dashboard to work on data exploitation. For all this, the service we offer is the implementation of tools. All this has been achieved with a team of professionals and technologies such as SharePoint and Power BI.

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Imagenes destacada del proyecto Check Up Médico Aplicación Web Interna

Medical Check Up Internal Web Application

Customer Business area Year The purpose of this application is to enable users to request medical appointments at hospitals, with an agreement for CH approval and processing for payroll deduction in SAP, as well as periodic compliance with medical requirements. This project consists of providing maintenance services for the medical appointment management application. Maintenance performed…

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Imagen principal de la SGT Aplicación Web desarrollada por GSB para varios clientes

SGT Web Application

This project was carried out to serve multiple clients who need service capture forms and executive dashboard to work on data exploitation. For all this, the service we offer is the implementation of tools. All this has been achieved with a team of professionals and technologies such as SharePoint and Power BI.

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Imagen aplicación web interna Project Server para Flowserve

PROFLOW Project Server Implementation

Customer Business area Year The client Flowserve USA’s objective for this project was the implementation of the Project Server platform, as well as the configuration of email notifications of invoices pending payment and the creation of customized reports. Example, cost report of materials and purchases. Our service has consisted in the implementation and accompaniment in…

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Imagen aplicación web interna Deloitte México

DTP AMEX Internal web application

Customer Business area Year The objective of this internal web application is to generate and manage corporate credit card statement reports for payment reconciliation and employee expense reporting. The service we offer is the monthly support of the application for more than 8 years. The technologies used are Microsoft .NET, Microsoft SQL Server and SAP.…

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UBER for Business Internal web application

Customer Business area Year We made this web application for Deloitte Mexico. Specialized maintenance service for an internal application used in Deloitte Mexico. The purpose of this application is to perform the upload of Uber business billing files, for payment reconciliation with employee expense reporting. Maintenance is also performed on more than 40 applications for…

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Specialized Personnel Services

Customer Business area Year Hiring of specialized personnel, for clients, in different areas, operatives such as warehousemen, field technical support, administrative as Corporate Receptionist, Corporate Support, Accountants, Marketing Specialist, also if your needs require it, we offer the service of Recruitment and selection. In this project the selection of all these profiles is made taking…

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Imagen proyecto Kreisontech

Kreissontech 21

Customer Business area Year Initiative incubated within the GSB Solutions Innovation Program, which makes us very proud of it. It is located in the cybersecurity market/industry. Since 1999, K21 has been conducting research and development of physical and virtual shields that offer a superior level of protection against malicious software. Experts in Sweden, the United…

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GSB Productive Life

Customer Business area Year This projectaims tocreate job opportunities with flexible schedules for adults, allowing their continuous development, learning, contributions and economic solvency , resulting inbilateral growth. The main objective of this project is to generate opportunities and flexibility and flexibility of work in an initial modality of 4.5 hours per day of 4.5 hours…

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GSB connection

Customer Business area Year At Conexión GSB we seek to generate safe spaces based on trust, confidentiality and respect, where all GSB members can express themselves freely, in order to improve communication and thus achieve a positive impact on personal growth, as well as on the organizational climate and facilitate the coordination of actions in…

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Do you know our allies?

We are a company committed to the development of our employees and business partners.

Success stories

At GSB we appreciate your trust, by making us part of your projects and allowing us to provide you with our services since 2009, giving us the opportunity to face new challenges and potentialize opportunities for joint growth.