TOGAF® 9 Foundation

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This program allows organizations that implement TOGAF® to benefit from the optimization of resources, processes, data and technology; this supports the achievement of strategic objectives, processes and consistent and homologous information, contemplating the four dimensions covered by the enterprise architecture that must be mastered in depth, Business Architecture, Data Architecture, Application Architecture, Technological Architecture.

Aimed at

  • Individuals requiring a basic understanding of the TOGAF 9 standard,
  • Professionals working in roles associated with an architectural project such as those responsible for planning, execution, development, delivery and operation.
  • Architects looking for a first introduction to the TOGAF 9 standard
  • Architects wishing to obtain Level 2 certification in a phased approach.


24 hours




  • Introduction
  • Key concepts
  • Metamodel
  • Architectural artifacts
  • Architectural deliverables
  • Building Blocks
  • Enterprise Continuum Model
  • Partitioning of architectures
  • Architecture repository
  • Architecture development
  • Board of Architecture
  • Architectural compliance
  • Architectural contracts
  • Architecture governance
  • Maturity level model
  • Architecture skills framework
  • ADM Cycle
  • Preliminary
  • Architectural vision
  • Business architecture
  • Data architecture
  • Application architecture
  • Technological architecture
  • Opportunities and solutions
  • Migration plan
  • Governance implementation
  • Architecture change management
  • Architectural requirements management
  • Adaptation of the cycle
  • ADM
  • Scope of the ADM cycle

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