4 SEO trends for eCommerce in 2019

Technology giants such as Google y Facebook continue to invest time, money, people and energy in the development of their algorithms. As a result, search engine optimization trends (SEO) and marketing tactics are constantly changing. At the same time, the companies of e-commerce that already have SEOThey must also adapt to these changes if they wish to remain relevant and dominate their respective markets. Making an SEO mistake could mean that your business will not recover.

Therefore, it is important to maintain a firm grasp of the latest SEO trends e-commerce as they emerge and take advantage of them so you can start 2019 in the best way and in line with the leaders and not the followers. Below, I share with you the four most impactful SEO trends for 2019.

Voice search

If you are one of the lucky few who heard about it and became an early adopter, then you are probably starting to reap the benefits. Alexa, Siri and Cortanare fast becoming an indelible part of our daily experience, as we can now interact with them on our phones, in our cars and in our homes.

You can apply the 24/7 access that this technology provides to your customers through the use of intelligent SEO. Start by working on optimizing your questions. When you use voice search, most searches are in the form of questions, not disconnected phrases.

For example, instead of saying “winter jackets Toronto,” most users will search for “Where can I find a winter clothing store in Toronto?” Therefore, it is essential to structure your website content in such a way that it answers your potential customers’ questions, incorporates trigger words (e.g., how, what, best, etc.) and avoids the direct introduction of keywords.

2. Brand building and conversions

For the owner of a business-oriented e-commerce site, I believe conversions outweigh rankings every time. That’s because, while rankings are great for attracting traffic, conversions are what bring the money to the table.

Link building has always been an essential aspect of the SEO marketing of any e-commerce store, and it still is. The only difference is that, moving forward, there will be more focus on creating brand-building relationships with website owners and bloggers that are in their niche. Link building should be done not only for SEO purposes but also to get referral traffic, which increases the overall website traffic.

3. User experience

Google has always emphasized the value of the user experience (UX). The ranking algorithm assigns priority to websites that are fast, consistent and simple to operate. Google research shows that websites with more than three seconds of loading time lose 40% of their website visitors.

Even if it is not a question of Internet speed, a fast loading website with a confusing design or user interface will end up losing visitors. They will simply bounce back without wasting their time. This is why the readability of your website is so important. Content that is difficult to understand and mechanically stuffed with keywords is less likely to see returning visitors. But a good user experience prolongs time a user spends on the website.

The focus should be on the user at all times. Therefore, it is essential to provide a consistent and seamless user experience for desktop and mobile computers. The number of searches on mobile devices has become significantly high and will only continue to grow. Therefore, websites must be optimized for use on all devices.

4. Website security

These days, users are not likely to waste their time visiting a website that does not have a HTTPS or a green “safe” sign before the address. For most consumers on the web, HTTPS means that the website is secure enough to enter and share sensitive information, such as bank details, on the payment page.

In addition, Google rewards secure websites with good rankings and better visibility on the search engine results page, which gives e-commerce site owners a better chance of earning rewards from their SEO strategies. Fortunately, there are many detailed guides available on how to migrate your website from HTTP to HTTPS to provide a secure browsing experience for your visitors.

The year 2018 was marked by several developments on the SEO front, and CEOs and heads of marketing and

should keep a close eye on these trends in 2019 if they want to finish strong this year.

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Article taken from: https://marketing4ecommerce.mx

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