Adrián Vargas: Our goal is to grow

Adrián Vargas is Sales Manager in the Commercial area of GSB, he has almost a year in the company and with more than 14 years of experience in the telecommunications field, he shares with us his evolution.

Following the growth of the technology market and the search for IT profiles, Vargas takes advantage of the means and changes to contribute to the company’s growth. At GSB, he found the opportunity to integrate a team of recruiters to effectively respond to the ever-increasing demand for highly skilled professionals. “We have better technology now. One engineer can cover what in the past was done by more than one person. Before, the equipment was very large, now with small dimensions they fulfill the same functions,” he emphasized.

It recognizes that the pandemic has increased the demand for services and expects to meet the goals set for December in May. “Many companies, even if the pandemic ends, will continue in Home Office because of the benefits it brings to their workforce,” he said.

At GSB, he feels the support of his colleagues and affirms that the company’s allies and clients will always find a timely response: “we seek to satisfy the requirements of our customers, taking advantage of all the channels the company has. Our goal is to grow, we will add more people to the team and satisfied clients to our extensive trajectory”.

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