Agile Documentation: The useful and necessary

  • We document to help others and ourselves: To teach, to those unfamiliar with a system, how it is structured, installed and operates.
  • For use, operate, support and maintain the software over time.
  • To reflect on the product, help to solidify and discover aspects that were not contemplated.
  • For support communication with external groups and audits, as a complement to face-to-face discussions, e-mails or as a complement to face-to-face discussions, e-mails or collaborative tools.
  • It links design and coding to convey the message or to help us not to forget something.
  • Reduces the cost of maintaining legacy code that is difficult to understand and evolve.
  • Must be up to date, easy to locate , to read and interpret .
  • Documentation in Agile is a living thing alive, kept light and simple.
  • It is written just in time When it is needed, when it is needed, before it increases the risk of out-of-date and rework.
  • Documentation is included in the agile process, it is part of the effort and cost of the product.
  • It is part of the continuous delivery of the software running.
  • Documenting is a process collaborative process where every member of the team contributes.
  • Have a person to manage the documentation process; someone who understands the aspects to be covered and who someone who understands the issues to be addressed and who handles version control. version control .
  • Document what helps the help the team to do its work, and that which and that which accompanying the product for its use and maintenance. Some examples:
  • Teamwork Team Team members, communication data, preferences and particularities
  • Team Agreements Definition of Ready (DoR), Definition of Done (DoD), Documentation Standards, among others.
  • Retrospectives Results of the dynamics and Improvement Actions, follow-up and analysis of results.
  • Startup Doc. Product or project sheet, Prototypes, User Story Mapping, High level requirements, …
  • Product Functional Doc. : Process Map, System Navigation, User Guides, …
  • Technical Product Documentation System architecture, data maps, services (APIs), deployment guides, software installation and operation guides.

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María Esther Remedios

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