Emotional Management

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This program is a training where the participant will incorporate distinctions and tools to manage their emotions and act in a more conscious way since they will distinguish the difference between: emotion, mood and feelings, recognize emotions, moods and feelings both their own and others, learn to accept, validate their emotions, moods and feelings as well as direct and use emotions to their advantage designing their moods and act from emotional intelligence.

Aimed at

  • Area Directors, Managers, Executives, Chiefs, Coordinators and Supervisors and anyone who wishes to work on the development of their interpersonal skills.


6 hours




  • Distinctions
  • Physiology
  • Self-observation exercises
  • Emotional radiography
  • Snapshot of emotions
  • Questions and conversations for emotional management
  • 4 emotional states to go through
  • Public and private conversations
  • Corporeality for mood design
  • Breathing for emotional management

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