JAVA SE 11 Programmer I

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This program allows participants to be introduced to object-oriented programming using the Java language and through practical exercises, begin to build a knowledge base to further their career in development.

Aimed at

  • Anyone interested in learning the Java programming language.


40 hours




  • Introduction to computer programs
  • Key features of the Java language
  • The Java development environment and technology
  • Execute / test a Java program
  • Java Classes
  • The main method
  • Entering variables
  • Working with chains
  • Working with numbers
  • Manipulating numerical data
  • Working with conditions
  • Working with a list of items
  • Processing a list of items
  • Working with objects and classes
  • Definition of fields and methods
  • Declaration, creation of instances and initialization of objects
  • Working with object references
  • Doing more with matrices
  • Introducing the NetBeans IDE
  • Soccer League use case presentation
  • Using the String class
  • Using Java API documents
  • Using the StringBuilder class
  • More about primitive data types
  • Remaining numeric operators
  • Promote and issue variables
  • Using methods
  • Method arguments and return values
  • Static methods and variables
  • How arguments are passed to a method
  • Overloading a method
  • Access control
  • Encapsulation
  • Overloading of constructors
  • Relational and conditional operators
  • More ways to use if / else constructions
  • Use of change statements
  • Using the NetBeans Debugger
  • Working with dates
  • Analyze the argument matrix
  • Two-dimensional arrays
  • Alternative loop constructions
  • Nesting loops
  • The ArrayList class
  • General description of the inheritance
  • Working with subclasses and superclasses
  • Primary methods in the superclass
  • Introducing polymorphism
  • Create and extend abstract classes
  • Polymorphism in JDK fundamental classes
  • Use of interfaces
  • Using the list interface
  • Presentation of Lambda expressions
  • Exception handling: overview
  • Propagation of exceptions
  • Catch and throw exceptions
  • Multiple exception and error handling

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