“Everything on your résumé must be honest”: Viridiana Chávez

Viridiana Chávez started at GSB in the position of Resources Assistant more than two years ago and currently works as Account Manager.

During his time in the Human Resources area, he learned to solve problems of all kinds and above all to be more self-taught: “I looked for different solutions on my own, from simple things like some formula in Excel to more complex ones like knowing the laws of different countries”.

Taking into account her experience in this area, the psychologist by profession with a specialty in Psychogerontology (psychology of the elderly), mentioned some key tips for any professional who goes out to the street to look for a job opportunity.

“It’s important that everything that comes on your resume should be honest. We should be honest about the experience and skills we have. Also, the skills you have, make them stand out. On the other hand, always remember to show commitment to the company you want to join, not only that you want to grow as a professional but to grow together with the company,” said Chávez, who also added that GSB looks for “people who have commitment, willingness to learn and grow in the company”.

He also stressed the importance of knowing English for the professional who wants to join GSB: “We give a lot of weight to the command of the language because we have contact with clients, engineers and collaborators from different English-speaking countries such as Canada, the United States and India”.

Regarding the pandemic, Chavez revealed that the impact on labor has been minor because remote work was already implemented in GSB’s philosophy. “As we work with people from other countries, we are used to contact and work being remote (…) Perhaps what changed is that we no longer see colleagues as we used to, but the way of working has not been so affected,” he said.

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