HIOPOS Cloud: “The power of ideas”.

The cloud in less than a decade has gone from being seen as a tool to improve the economics and flexibility of IT to becoming a force that is redefining the role of workers.

HIOPOS has specific solutions for restaurants, bars/cafeterias, fast foods, bakeries, greengrocers, ice cream parlors, minimarkets and convenience stores.

The president of the ICG Group, Andreu Pi, assures that “HIOPOS is an ambitious and exciting project, full of challenges and business possibilities, the result of 8 years of work and research, which is here to stay and represents our future for the coming years”. Although the great success of ICG has been focused for many years in the development of solutions based on the Windows system, and with still a long way in the market, with the new HIOPOS project, we take a step further in facilitating the work of companies and users.

HIOPOS solutions are quick to implement and easy to use and do not require skilled personnel for maintenance. Each solution is global and specific for each type of business and will allow the most demanding companies to implement the new solutions in a simple way, making them technologically self-sufficient and without dependence on third parties.

HioPos Cloud is the ideal solution for your business, with intuitive software and innovative touch usability.

  • Multibusiness and multiterminal. Scalable with all the functionalities according to your needs. Allows you to work with several points of sale.
  • It works with or without Internet. You can continue working in case of Internet disconnections.
  • Free updates. Upgrades to the latest software at no additional charge.
  • Secure and always available storage in the cloud. Information always available in the cloud with maximum security of your data.


INFORMATION: contacto@gsb.lat


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