I want a team … Agile

  • I want an autonomous, self-organized and multidisciplinary team, with the capabilities it needs to fulfill its objective optimally and independently.
  • I want a team that works with the customer on the vision they have for the product, and breaks down the scope into small goals that the team will deliver iteratively and incrementally, without time or cost being an element of pressure and distraction for the team.
  • I want a team that has a repository of requirements that is adapting to the needs of the organization, and priority requirements that are refined, detailed and estimated by the team to be selected in the next iteration.
  • I want a team that has a goal every 2 weeks that is of value to the company, so I want a business representative to be on the team and help us decide this.
  • I want a team that decides what it commits to in each iteraction, that it is the team that estimates the efforts of what it is going to do itself, that plans and agrees on how to approach the work as a team, and that its outcome is available to those we work with.
  • I want a team that has a brief daily contact to solve as soon as possible any impediment that blocks them, and where a collaborative work focused on achieving the goal as a team is promoted.
  • I want a team that is demanding of itself, that agrees to meet higher and higher quality standards. I want in my team specialists in Architecture, Security, QA, Devops, Infrastructure, and those who need our product to deploy frequently with autonomy, quality and excellence.
  • I want a team that at the end of each iteration checks with users on the incremental product developed and gets relevant feedback on the product it builds, and then does a retrospective that triggers continuous improvement.
  • I want a team with personal and relational soft skills that foster assertive communication, and a climate of cooperation and trust.
  • I understand that achieving such a team requires training and accompaniment, so I want a team that has a facilitator to help it grow and remove the impediments that appear along the way, and that also moderates the meetings so that they end as soon as they achieve their purpose or meet their time.
I want a team … Agile
And you, do you want such a team? What would you be willing to do to achieve it?

María Esther Remedios


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