ICG: Global solution for the enterprise

Manage your business with ICG’s global solutions, scalable and adapted to each type and size of business. The different ICG products and devices cover all your company’s needs and offer an integrated solution that improves efficiency, optimizes resources and increases profits.

With ICGManager ERP software

Enterprise Software ICGManager is the ideal solution that helps you manage, organize and control your business reliably and securely, streamlines tasks, improves billing and financial processes, and reduces costs.

Centralizes all information
Receive in real time all sales and cash closings for each point of sale. Centrally update articles, prices, promotions, user profiles… Define strategies for offers, promotions and customer loyalty in a centralized way. Manages and controls the logistics of supplying items from the head office to the stores.

Streamlines sales processes
Set rates through the wizard to create and maintain rates, period offers and promotions, special conditions per customer. Create sales budgets by line items and control the status of the budget: accepted, rejected, etc. Keep track of all the documents associated with the complete cycle of a sale (quotation, order, delivery note, invoice, collection, accounting…). Automation of invoicing processes of sales delivery notes, invoicing of periodic quotas.

Monitor your customer relationship management
It records all the activities of a company related to customers: calls, visits, commercial agreements. With ICGManager, plan and schedule the actions of the sales team and track their sales, manage commissions, etc.

Create marketing campaigns through SMS and e-mails.
Send bulk SMS and e-mails to your customers to boost marketing campaigns and reinforce commercial actions by allowing customized actions to customers by segments, geographic areas, with or without sales, etc. Informs customers of the points accumulated so that they can redeem them at the store for discounts. Generate coupons and associate promotions to selected customers.

Optimizes the procurement process
Optimizes the procurement process by automatically generating purchase orders based on stock levels and delivery times and manages the automatic distribution and balancing of stock between warehouses.
At the time of receipt, validate the items received against the order, print the barcode labels and locate them in the warehouse.

Plan inventories of your goods
Performs total, partial or zone inventories. Plan future inventories by defining the date and items to be counted, and make adjustments with automatic transfers to shrinkage of the indicated units. Controls the inventory status: in count, processed or regularized. Analyzes the information of all inventoried and non-stocked items as well as the percentage that the differences between counted and calculated units represent.

Controls product traceability
Generate serial and batch numbers of items automatically during the manufacturing process and/or insert them in the purchasing process automatically by reading the barcode. It manages the traceability of serial numbers and batches, controlling at all times from the time the product is manufactured, purchased and sold.

Manages collections and payments to be made in an agile manner
Easily reconcile bank entries and balances and issue collection or payment remittances in compliance with banking regulations. Define the credit limit per customer and track outstanding collections and payments. Prints payment letters, checks and promissory notes. Performs automatic bank consolidation by importing bank files.

Streamline your accounting processes
ICGManager’s accounting module enables seamless, real-time integration of billing and treasury with accounting. Navigate through account statements and documents, obtain the necessary information for the tax settlement and view the forms for the VAT return, forms 303 and 390. Analyzes balance sheets and statements by cost centers. Easily manage the company’s fixed assets with the automatic generation of depreciation accounting entries.

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