Increase your sales in times of crisis with ICG

With ICG Software you can integrate:

  • Own domiciles
  • Online Domiciles
  • Direct integration with domicile platforms

Manage your orders online

With ICG Portal Rest, offer your customers the possibility to know the menu of your restaurant online. menu of your restaurant online and from there re place orders from there.If they want to pick it up at your restaurant, have it delivered to their home or even come to eat it at your restaurant at a certain time. It also allows make payments from your own cell phone.

Control your own homes

  • Quickly receive orders from your home line through customer caller ID.
  • Allows you to manage multiple shipping addresses per customer as well as to define delivery zones.
  • Allows you to assign couriers by zones and to monitor the status of the order at all times (in process, in delivery, delivered).
  • Manages change delivered to couriers, as well as end-of-shift collection settlements .

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