Mexico ranked 7th in business skills in Latin America (Global Skills Index 2019)

There is a constant need in improving business and general skillsand while each nation has a unique set of economic, social and political circumstances that shape the landscape of its capabilities, according to the Bank of Mexico, 7 out of 10 jobs in Mexico are at risk of being automated. whether by machines, algorithms or artificial intelligence in the not too distant future.

Why it is important to improve business skills in Mexico

That is why improving business and work skills in general becomes indispensable in order to maintaining competitiveness in a changing economy, and thus lead the way in Latin America, and for this companies in Mexico can help their employees improve their skills.

In order to have the key information on business and job skills in Latin America, Coursera, the online learning platform, has presented the first edition of its Global Skills Index (GSI) in which the following stand out trends in skills and performance from 60 countries and 10 industries in business, technology and data science.

In this regard, Mexico’s emerging performance reveals some areas of potential, both regionally and globally, as it ranks in the top 10 in the world. 39th in business skills, 43rd in technology, and 40th in data science worldwide.

Jeff Maggioncalda, CEO of Coursera stated that. “the global skills landscape is in a major transition. With technology advancing faster than humans, the skills that once drove careers, industries, and entire economies will no longer be enough.

Mexico presents areas of opportunity and emerging areas…although others are lagging behind.

The Global Skills Index shares key findings at both the global and regional levels, including Mexico, which stands out:

  • Latin America has shown great inequality in business and labor skills, according to economic and cultural diversity. For example, Argentina ranks number 1 worldwide in data science, while Chile ranks number 11 in business skills, which contrasts with the Dominican Republic (number 48 in data science) and Ecuador (number 51 in business skills).
  • Mexico is positioned in the Latin American average, just between the middle and lower half in the three domains studied, accompanied by Brazil, Venezuela, Peru and Ecuador.
  • Mexico’s strongest area is business skills, ranked 39th in the world and seventh in the region. The study identified that it is emerging in marketing (42%), finance (41%) y accounting (31%).
  • The country ranks 43rd in technology and 40th in data science. worldwide. Within the technology area, Human Computer Interaction (54%) is the best performing competency, while it finds a development opportunity in database (8%) and security engineering (14%). While lagging behind in machine learning (8%) and mathematics (12%).

In addition to providing this information that helps us to understand how the workforce can be improved and in what ways.Coursera as well awards 5,000 scholarships for students from Mexico to take business, technology and data science courses to train and obtain certification in the CSI competencies identified as lagging or emerging in Mexico.


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