Participate in the #DonaSonrisasGSB campaign.

At GSB it is time to give and donate smiles, so we want to invite you to participate in this noble campaign #DonaSonrisasGSB with which we seek to make the little ones happy. You can help in two ways, choose the one that best fits your possibilities:

?Donation: clothes and toys in good condition for children of all ages.

?Christmas Box: if you want to contribute by making a small purchase, you can make a small box decorated as a Christmas gift and indicating whether it is for a boy or a girl and the age with the items you will find in the video.

If you are outside Mexico City or the Metropolitan Zone and want to participate, please contact us, we can tell you where you can deliver your donations. We will accompany you throughout the process!

Support us by sharing photos on social media with the hashtag #DonaSonrisasGSB!

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