“Regardless of the career, it is essential to know Excel and English”: Brenda Cuenca

With a degree in Psychology and a Diploma in Organizational Psychology, GSB’s Human Capital Coordinator, Brenda Cuenca, believes that today any professional should be able to handle Excel and speak English.

Regarding Excel, Cuenca emphasizes that “there are currently online courses that everyone should take, it is very important for all levels to know how to use it”, the same goes for English, since “at GSB and in many companies, English is very important. Regardless of the career, it is basic to know Excel and English”. He also recommends taking a writing course because “today there are professionals who fail at writing”.

On the other hand, during these times of pandemic, the graduate told those who are looking for a job to “update their resume and invest the time they can by taking online courses, this will make their CV more attractive”. He also mentioned the new trends in job offers: “Nowadays, everyone has accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, so I recommend looking for job offers on social networking accounts as well.

On working from home, the psychologist reflects on the importance of balancing time and responsibilities. “Sometimes we invest a little more time than the normal workday, I have seen it in colleagues, friends and even in my family members. One becomes more committed and invests more time,” he said.

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