Teaming up with technology

By: Laura Soriano, PMP®

Technology Solutions Manager at GSB

Nowadays, collaborative work is essential in companies and often the organization of work teams is problematic if we do not have the support of a technological tool that allows us to communicate, share content and keep them up to date with the activities.

If we talk about communication tools or chats we know that there are plenty of them in the market, however, today we will talk about Microsoft Teams and how in GSB we have managed to integrate several features to keep track of projects efficiently, especially when working remotely.

What is MS Teams?

It is a very versatile platform that is part of the Office 365 and its objective is to facilitate interaction between work groups by offering mainly corporate instant messaging, both group and individual, a common workspace to organize voice or video meetings, access to shared documents and the possibility of adding different utilities of Office 365 or external programs that provide us with new functionalities.

How can it help you?

Let’s think about the need to coordinate a team of 8 people in different parts of Latin America, available at different times, working on different parts of a project but requiring constant communication, sharing information and above all being aware of any situation that could delay the project day by day.

Many will think that with email, phone, Skype and other means, this work can be done, however, none of these work on the same platform to allow us to do everything within a single dashboard. Teams does.

For example, in GSB we carry out the configuration of work teams of both internal and external collaborators and even our customers, the only thing we require are Microsoft email accounts and ready, we create groups that can make use of a group or personal chat, they can create meetings within the same place, take notes of the meetings that are visible to all, share documents securely, view them within the tool, and in our case, we add Planner to keep track of activities, implementing agile methodologies and even configured a github section that allows us to visualize the report of registered issues, all in one place.

So, we can say that Teams allows us to have instant access to all the content and tools to be able to manage groups and projects in an easy way, reducing the use of emails and insecure information repositories.

There is a desktop application, a web application and a mobile application, so your team can keep up to date with communications, new documents or new activities on any device.

Microsoft Teams is available for Office 365 Business Essentials, Business Premium, Enterprise E1, E3 and E5 customers.

Let’s remember that the success of a project will always depend on good teamwork, so why not take advantage of the functionalities offered by Teams to help us?

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