The 7 must-have apps for the Field Engineer

By Abril Mejías and Manuela Ramírez
Support Services America

In addition to the toolkit that each client requires for field services, there are certain applications that can facilitate your work or even save you from a bad experience. Here is a list of what we consider to be the seven must-have apps for the field engineer (IDC).


What has been the most remote location you have visited for a service? Or the one that involved a whole adventure to get there? With Waze it may be a long drive, but rest assured you won’t get lost. This app, available for iOS and Android, shows you the easiest route to reach your destination, taking into account the roads and traffic in real time, with the help of the integrated GPS of your smartphone.martphone. In addition, users can report incidents they encounter along the way, so that others can consider whether it is worth taking another route.

Download it by clicking on:



Let’s face it: not everyone has a full-fledged scanner in their home or office. If you want to avoid the hassle of going to an Internet cafe to scan your service reports or any urgent document requested by the customer, you should install CamScanner. With this app for iOS and Android, you just need to take a photo of the sheets in question to transform them into a good quality .PDF or .JPG file. It also allows you to include notes or watermarks. Forget about blurry and unreadable photos.

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Remote desktop connection

Many times the Help Desk is the one who must solve the problems on site and simply asks us to give them remote access to our PC, once connected to the router or switch, so that they can review, configure or make the necessary changes. For this purpose, there are programs such as AnyDesk (perhaps the most widely used), TeamViewer and Supremo. Having at least one of these tools installed on the laptop you take to services will save you from having to download it on site.

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Hiren’s BootCD

Hiren’s Boot has a variety of important tools, advantageous for PC and laptop configuration, maintenance and repair, as well as data recovery. It can be run as Live CD, Live USB or directly from Windows. Among its tools is the “HDD Regenerator” responsible for recovering hard disk sectors. It has a relatively easy interface, has good network support and one of its important utilities is the creation of Administrator accounts to access systems adopted with passwords in XP Operating System.

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Speed Test

How many times have you reported that the Internet is “too slow”? As an important tool in the work of Computer Networks, we have a very useful tool when it comes to broadband, SpeedTest. It has servers worldwide, which allows you to check the Internet connection, download and upload speed, free of charge. It also has a version for Android and iOS and for users to run with their own servers a reduced version was created.

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Sometimes equipment such as laptops and desktops need proper system maintenance and in this case it is essential to defragment the hard disk. One of the most useful and versatile tools we can use is Defraggler, which allows defragmenting both individual files and groups of files in partitions such as: FAT32, NTFS, exFAT or RAID, showing detailed information about the location of files in a specific partition. Currently we can find a portable version of this application, which can be run from a USB.

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When it comes to cleaning, CCleaner is one of the best applications, plus it is available for both PC and Android mobiles. It starts with the search for unnecessary files and temporary browser files, and then performs a secure deletion. This tool can disable the automatic startup of some programs in order to add more speed to the operating system startup. Undoubtedly, it makes your device’s system more stable.

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Surely in your career you have discovered more interesting applications, what other app do you consider part of your toolkit? Tell us about it through GSB’s social networks.

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