The ICG Group held its International Convention where it presented its new future project HIOPOS to its partners.

During two intense days of work, in the Auditorium of the University of Lleida, the ICG Technology Group held its International Convention, where under the slogan “The strength of ideas”, gathered its partners from around the world to present the new future project HIOPOS, based on the new Cloud platform.

The President of the ICG Group, Andreu Pi, said that “HIOPOS is an ambitious and exciting project, full of challenges and business possibilities, the result of 8 years of work and research, which is here to stay and represents our future for the coming years”.

Although ICG’s great success has been focused for many years on the development of solutions based on the Windows system, and with still a long way to go in the market, with the new HIOPOS project, the Group takes a step further in facilitating the work of companies and users.

HIOPOS solutions are quick to implement and easy to use, and do not require technical personnel for start-up and maintenance. Each solution is global and specific for each type of business and will allow the most demanding companies to implement the new solutions in a simple way, making them technologically self-sufficient and without dependence on third parties.

The HIOPOS project as a whole will be available from January 2019, with the specific solutions for restaurants, bars/cafeterias, fast foods, bakeries, greengrocers, ice cream shops, minimarkets and convenience stores, and for hairdressers and beauty salons. During the Convention, the new forms of collaboration and commercialization of the new HIOPOS project were also presented: Specific, Advanced and Excelsius, based on the Group’s main values such as trust, commitment, effort and involvement.

To culminate the events of the International Convention of the ICG Group, a concert was held at the Enric Granados Auditorium in Lleida, and a Gala dinner where the main authorities and representatives of public institutions were present.

GSB was present at this interesting event. Great learnings to continue innovating!

Note extracted from the ICG Spain page

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