The importance of a professional IT certification

By: Technology Solutions Team at GSB

In 1993, Mexico signed the Free Trade Agreement with its two main trading partners: the United States of America and Canada, in which, in Chapter XII, on Trade in Cross-Border Services, it agreed in one of its commitments to standardize, evaluate and accredit higher education with equivalent standards in those countries, as well as to certify the professional practice of some careers agreed upon in that agreement.

What is a professional certification?

Certification is the act by which a person proves that he/she possesses the knowledge, skills, abilities and values in accordance with the needs of the labor market.

Certification assures a professional and those who use his or her professional services that he or she has the knowledge and skills to practice his or her profession.

  • Evaluates the degree of adequacy to the requirements of professional practice and its development perspectives.
  • It allows to assess the levels of competence in the corresponding sector.
  • It provides elements of greater transparency and security in the functioning of the labor market.

Ucertification is a tool to validate mastery and knowledge of a subject, a technology, or a set of competencies.

The importance of professional certifications

According to figures from the international consulting firm IDC, the shortage of qualified IT personnel is becoming increasingly important. In Latin America, according to ACTI figures, the country will require some 70,000 specialists over the next five years.

It is important that institutions, companies and organizations, whether public or private, understand the value of certifications when opting for a company and its team of professionals to perform IT work, since the continuity of their processes, the ability to provide their services properly and, ultimately, to do all their tasks well, will depend on it. It is also essential for companies to have certified professionals to provide their end customers with a first-class quality of service.

For this reason, it is not only enough to have IT professionals, but above all it is important that they are certified and supported by the brands or institutions, with the respective accreditations, as this is the only way to ensure quality, knowledge and best practices, which leads to a higher success rate.

In this way, it is necessary to take into account the old saying that cheap things are expensive, since many times, due to lack of experience and proper certification, projects do not work out, they are prolonged, become more expensive and finally fail.

Reasons why you should trust certifications.

  1. Because a certification accelerates the employability process, both for the professional to differentiate himself/herself and for the company to recognize him/her.
  2. Because a certification generates confidence in the professional, since it represents a milestone that has been passed and demonstrated; and it generates confidence in the employer, who knows that he can hire someone with knowledge that has been validated by a third party.
  3. Because it saves money and generates income. A company that has a certificate announces it to the four winds. Companies that sell highly specialized services or products also use the fact of having certified personnel on staff, because in this way they differentiate themselves from their competitors and get more business, and because certified professionals usually know how to solve problems much faster and more efficiently, which brings savings.
  4. Because there is no doubt that when a certificate is involved, the service is safer and the risks are lower. This type of benefit is best explained with high critical level systems, for example, in an operating room at the time of an intervention, we vote for personnel certified in the use of the “robot” or not.
  5. To improve problem solving. Certifications are based on methods, or frameworks that include guidelines and knowledge that the certified professional has demonstrated knowledge or mastery of. Troubleshooting is much simpler when we simply say “consult with certified personnel”.

Our certifications

GSB currently has highly qualified personnel because it is important for us to form certified work teams and promote the professional development of our employees by obtaining and renewing our certifications, some of them are:

  • Microsoft Silver Partner on Application Development
  • Microsoft Silver Partner on DataPlatform
  • ITIL® Certifications
  • Professional Project Manager, PMP
  • Professional Scrum Developer
  • Professional Scrum Master
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