“The pandemic accelerated the digital transformation”: Josué Gerardo Ortiz

With a career of almost a year and a half working for GSB, Technical Support Engineer, Josué Gerardo Ortiz, has not only grown exponentially as a professional but also as a human being. “GSB has enriched me a lot, as it also has different projects and activities related to human values and personal development. I have obtained around 11 or 12 recognitions that have helped me grow as a more complete engineer,” he commented.

As for the pandemic situation we are currently experiencing, Ortiz assures that this fact has speeded up the digital transformation. “It is no longer necessary to have a physical office, only with the necessary digital tools we can work as if we were in one”, said the Engineer, who also added that the changes due to the health crisis were not abrupt for GSB, because “we were always working with VPNs, remote supports, among others (…) we simply adapted with what we already had and adopted new tools”.

Ortiz assures that many technical support companies saw their capacities limited by COVID-19, however, GSB came out ahead and proposed to continue as before but with health measures. “We were provided with protection equipment, UPS, among others. The equipment remains connected and we can continue working without inconvenience,” he said.

The engineer assures that GSB has been very skillful in continuing to grow within an adverse environment.

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