The smallest, fastest and most extraordinary notebooks

Users of high-end applications working in mission-critical workflows have historically relied on desktops to provide the power and performance they required. And when “work” was seen as a destination, it didn’t matter. However, the workplace is changing. Whether customers are working on groundbreaking healthcare research, designing innovative engineering solutions or editing the next big TV series, they shouldn’t have to sacrifice performance for portability.

Announcing the biggest updates to Dell’s laptop lineup since we introduced the award-winning Dell Precision M3800 in 2013. Our product and engineering teams continue to redefine the notebook category. With this line of notebooks, we believe we have found the perfect combination of power and style. We bring Dell’s award-winning design and combine it with the latest thermal innovations, professional graphics and powerful CPU technologies in sleek devices to deliver high-performance performance wherever your work takes you.

  • Designed for professional creators and engineers in mind, our smallest and slimmest laptops¹are the Dell Precision 5550 and the incredible Dell Precision 5750. These 15-inch and 17-inch laptops feature stunning 4-sided InfinityEdge 16:10 aspect ratio displays and a top-bezel IR camera for maximum screen real estate and an enhanced video conferencing experience. Starting at 4 pounds and 4.7 pounds², with a screen-to-body ratio of 92 and 94 percent respectively, they perfectly balance power, style and mobility in a lightweight aluminum package. The Dell Precision 5750 also joins the 7000 series in the NVIDIA® RTX Studio program, with the availability of NVIDIA® Quadro RTX™ 3000 graphics.



  • Also the world’s most powerful 15-inch and 17-inch laptops³, with impressive expandability³, the Dell Precision 7550 y 7750, are now about 20 percent smaller and 6 percent lighter than previous generations. With the latest Intel® Core™, vPro® and Xeon® processors combined with professional graphics up to NVIDIA® Quadro RTX™ 5000, these workhorse devices can handle VR/AR, AI, complex 3D CAD, as well as creative editing workloads and data science computing applications with ease.
  • The new Dell Precision 3550 laptops y 3551 offer the laptop reliability and performance at an affordable price. They are ideal for users with less intensive graphics needs, such as those working with 2D CAD, heavy Excel workbooks or entry-level creative applications.



The extraordinary factor: intelligent design inside and out

Rigorous tasks and high performance applications often result in the creation of more heat. Dell engineers have developed thermal design solutions to overcome the challenge of balancing high CPU/GPU concurrency performance and higher wattage graphics power. Examples include the adoption of dual-outlet fans that dissipate heat quickly, along with thinner vapor chambers in place of some heat pipes. Gore’s software-based thermal management solutions, high-tech insulation coatings, plus graphite spreaders and copper materials provide a impressive thermal performance. Get more information about about Dell’s innovative thermal design here.



New compact, space-saving solutions

Our extensive professional portfolio allows you to customize your laptop to your unique needs, workloads and budget. Dell’s innovative engineering and design is not limited to our mobile workstation portfolio. We also announced upcoming additions to our line of computers, including a new, world’s smallest and lightest computer with AI-based optimization, the Dell Precision 3240 Compact.

Designed for the smallest workspaces and Edge Computing workloads, this small (2.3L) but powerful system can drive up to seven 4k displays and will be ready for Virtual Reality, with NVIDIA Quadro RTX™ 3000 professional graphics. Available from the third quarter of 2020, this ultra-small form factor notebook is perfect for use in schools, factories, stores, where space is at a premium.

We also present the new Dell Precision 3640 Tower Workstation and the Dell Precision 3440 small form factor (SFF) workstation, available in July. They are perfect for content creators and engineers working with complex 3D or 2D graphics, as well as power users working with large data sets and complicated analytics that require ISV certification. These scalable and affordable systems offer a range of high-performance options for productivity and accessible ports for connectivity.

Optimized for your unique workloads

As with all Dell Precision workstations, we collaborate with independent software vendors (ISVs) to test and optimize these systems to provide you with the best possible user experience. In addition, the new Dell Optimizer for Precision, exclusive to Dell, is now included on these platforms. Dell Optimizer for Precision is the industry’s only AI-based optimization software that automatically tunes the performance of your applications using machine learning.


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