Uber eats: leader among food delivery apps in Mexico

Each time it is more common use of food delivery apps in Mexicoin fact, according to information from Euromonitorduring 2017, this market left revenues of 13 billion pesosThe app is expected to generate revenues of around 15 billion pesos by 2021, but there is still a question in the air: which app has gained the most acceptance in the country?

How are the users of food delivery apps in Mexico?

Surely you, like many Mexicans, have asked for a food delivery, whether to the office or at home, and you’ve probably done it through an application, but now we are sure that depending on the gender you have, you will have a preference for one or another option.

According to the information provided by a study conducted by Fintonic, men are more likely to order food delivery in Mexico through Uber Eats, whilewomen prefer to use the Rappi service.

To conduct this study, the financial assistant filtered the expenses of food delivery apps in Mexico such as Uber Eats, Rappi y No Apron during the last six months.

Uber Eats, Rappi and Sin Delantal are the favorite apps for Mexicans

Although the preference of food delivery apps in Mexico varies according to gender, Uber Eats has managed to position itself as a leader among all of them. in the food delivery segment, with an average ticket of 210 pesos per order.

This ranking was followed by Rappi, with an average ticket of 180 pesos, and Sin Delantal with 110 pesos. A fact to note is that Mexicans, on average, use this type of food delivery apps. 4 times a month, with an expense of around 700 pesos.

However, expenditure increases in relation to age of users: those under 25 years of age spend an average of 140 pesos on this type of application, while users between 25 and 34 years of age spend 180 pesos.

On the other hand, users over 45 years of age spend around 340 pesos when ordering their food delivery through this type of app, and lastly, users between 35 and 44 years of age spend around 220 pesos per service.

The preferred meal to order is dinner

Although the meal most requested by Mexicans in this type of food delivery applications is dinner, in recent months breakfast has become more popular. among its users.

On the other hand, among the women who order home-delivered meals, the most common are professional women with a good salary and no children, who request this service in the region of 5 times per week.

In fact, Borja de la Rica, country manager of Fintonic, said that spending on food delivery orders can represent a “significant ant spending for millennials”. as this generation is not so used to cooking, so they resort too much to this type of services, which could unknowingly affect their finances.

What is your favorite food delivery app?

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Note taken from: https://marketing4ecommerce.mx

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