Vamo’ arriba! GSB is already in Uruguay

Everything we have done so far at GSB can be defined with this beautiful expression: Vamo’ arriba!

In Uruguay this phrase is encouraging, its use denotes confidence and is used to emphasize, to call or ask for someone’s attention, to show astonishment or surprise. In Mexico we can equate it with “Dale”, “Sí se puede”, among others. It is also an expression of satisfaction for some triumph or joy for something well done.

“Vamo’arriba GSB” . Although we have been working in Uruguay for more than three years, it was in March of this year (2022) that we decided to open offices. Fortunately, after seven months we have achieved it and we started this month with GSB Solutions Uruguay SRL, which represents our 17th office globally and the 14th in the Americas, which allows us to consolidate our presence in Latin America.

We arrived at this destination from Argentina, where we were surprised by the low temperatures. We crossed the Río de la Plata, departing from Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires. The trip took approximately two hours by Colonia Express to Colonia in Uruguay, where we took a bus to Montevideo. A highly recommended experience.

In these three days we were fortunate to talk with customers, business partners and our work team. As always, I am grateful for all the support to write this new story. To finish, I say goodbye with another phrase that is a way of celebrating when something good happens: Uruguay nomá!

Eng. Ben Orta

Managing Director GSB

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