Vida Productiva GSB, Social Project

As the pandemic affected us, we saw how many people lost their jobs, how unemployment grew drastically and how job opportunities disappeared.

What can we do? How can we support? It was in this context that the “GSB Productive Life” project was born, a program that provides flexible work opportunities for mothers, fathers, stay-at-home moms, housewives, or anyone looking to earn an income, but who, due to home, childcare, etc., cannot have a full-time job or would like to earn additional income.

I share the features of the program:

Schedule of only 4.5 hours a day . This allows us to support more people, i.e. instead of having one individual in an integral period, we can have two in different schedules.

Flexible schedules. Very early or very late, which allows people the time to complement other activities.

Continuous learning. Participants will employ and enhance the use of:

o Office 365 (Word, Excel, Power Point, Teams, Outlook, etc.)

o Handling of communication through different channels, such as: Teams, WhatsApp, Skype, etc.

o English

o Teamwork

o Contact with several countries.

Growth opportunities. Depending on the needs of the individuals as well as GSB, they may be integrated on a full-time basis.

This pilot program originally started with 6 people in mind, without giving us time to publicize it on social networks and with only GSB’s internal communication, 35 applications were received. As we learned each story, we were touched and moved.

Officially we started in October 2020 with 7 people, just 4 months after its inception in February 2021 we will have 12 people and will continue to grow.

Productive life GSB is here to stay, it is incredible the talent that exists and is not taken advantage of. We invite companies to start similar programs, we can support them, we are just a click away: we have the documentation and the steps to follow.

To my business colleagues and friends, dare, it is a small effort that, if we consider ONLY 50 companies with 6 people each, we will create jobs for 300 people and their families, let’s move Mexico and the world.

I am proud of our team as well as our slogan, at GSB “We Innovate Services with Human Value”.

Eng. Ben Orta

Managing Director GSB

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