Walmart, Soriana and Superama: the leading online supermarkets in Mexico

Every day we spend more and more hours at work, transportation, taking care of our children or our daily occupations and the little time we have left we must spend at the supermarket, however, online supermarkets have arrived in Mexico. online supermarkets have arrived in Mexico to save us a lot of time and make this task easier.

Online supermarkets have great potential in Mexico

Every day more and more Mexicans make their purchases through online supermarkets, and now the main supermarket chains have an option to make their purchases online. remote purchases, including with the possibility of making the payment in the same eCommerce or at the moment of delivery with cash or credit card.

According to a study conducted by the online marketing research company Comscore, the online supermarket market in Mexico is led by Walmart, which already has 4.5 million users, followed far behind by
with 1.1 million online consumers and in third place is Superama with 992 million users.

Of course, these numbers also represent the great growth potential of the online supermarket sector in the country, especially if we take into account that the total digital population in Mexico is just over 65 million users.

On the other hand, the elapsed time to make purchases is also dominated by the Walmart eCommerce with 35 minutes, followed by Soriana with 12 minutes and Superama with only 3 minutes.

Consumers prefer to do their grocery shopping online using their PCs

In addition, COM score shares another interesting aspect about online grocery shopping in the country. According to the firm, users primarily access online supermarkets through theirmobile devices , however consumers are more likely to access the Browser Mobile version.

This is why the time consumed by mobile apps represents only a small percentage of the time spent on 25% for Walmart and 15% for Soriana in the country, so that consumption through mobile apps is still in its infancy.

Regarding the path users choose for their purchases, it is also highlighted that the PC continues to dominate as the preferred channel. for all online supermarket customers with the exception of Walmart and Chedraui.

La Comer attracts younger consumers

The gender analysis of this study revealed that the percentages of consumption are very balanced in general with slight differences: in the case of Soriana, La Comer and Superama, the majority of consumers are female, while men are gaining presence in Walmart, Cotsco and Chedraui.

On the other hand, the age segments of this study reveal a clear tendency of the adults over 35 years old. But a relevant feature is that La Comer registers the highest share of the consumer segment between 25 and 34 years old, compared to the rest of the online supermarkets.

The great challenges of the sector in the country

However, there are challenges that online supermarkets have to face in the country, as contrary to what might be assumed, the behavior of this sector in the country did not show sustained growth in recent years.

Although the digital market has been progressively maturing, a downward trend has been noted. a downward trend in consumption this year. According to COM score this can be explained by high home delivery times, a trend that can be seen in the graph below:

In conclusion, the study states that the universe of online supermarkets has enormous potential in the country, as well as a number of challenges over the next few years.

“Some cases such as the UK supermarket Ocado Group show that a successful model combines machine learning , data science, simulation and routing systems.” says Comscore in a press release.

In this way, by combining the right technology and a user-oriented offer, supermarket chains in Mexico will be able to will be able to grow a lot in the future.

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