Agile Champions: Agile Transformation Drivers

A large-scale agile transformation needs sponsors and champions to encourage and drive change at all levels of the organization. You need people who support teams to continuously improve their performance, conduct powerful retrospectives from which innovative actions emerge, understand that mistakes are part of the process, and that persistence will lead to improved performance.

The following are required agile champions at all levels of the organization. People of high level, authority and influence to provide guidelines and facilitate the implementation of changes in the units involved for agile work to work well, and people close to the work teams to provide support, vision and solution to the impediments that arise on a day-to-day basis.

A champion agile is a influencer who motivates, infects and leads by example, who maintains a language, attitude and behaviors that favor a climate of trust where people feel free to express their fears and concerns, where teams are allowed to experiment and make mistakes, seeing error as an intrinsic part of the process and of learning.

It is also recommended that the Agile Champion is someone who is not directly involved in the processes. This allows them to maintain objectivity in everything that is happening and to analyze events from the outside, without personal implications.

The Agile Champions work hand in hand with the Agile Coaches, of the Scrum Masters, of the Product Owners, from the Sponsors and sponsors of Agile Transformation, in order to maintain a consistent and aligned message. Together they have the mission to communicate, train and facilitate the cultural, social and operational change implicit in this new way of working.

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María Esther Remedios


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