Ben Orta: The goal is clear, to grow together

We all look forward to the arrival of 2021, psychologically it generated a positive impact that fills us with hope with the idea of turning the page and moving on.

Unfortunately, we have started the year with many contagions. We must not let our guard down, we already know how to take care of ourselves.

We have learned and matured a lot during the past year, the current situation and challenges require us to adapt and grow, as the saying goes: we must reap all that we have sown so far.

The challenge for 2021 continues, among the plans we have at GSB are the following:

– Continue to automate our processes. The goal is to bring our operation to 80% or more.

– As we automate, we must have more indicators that allow us to improve what we do in order to be able to make decisions quickly and assertively. We must improve our Dashboard.

– Innovation is something that is in our veins, this 2021 we will focus on new business areas that allow us to be at the forefront, such as IOT, artificial intelligence, among others.

– We started the year with two new customers in the medical area, which shows us the potential we have in front of us.

– We look forward to strengthening our presence in Latin America with the start of operations of GSB Solutions Panama. And this 2021, Europe is in its sights, with the upcoming opening of GSB Solutions Spain.

– We will continue to train our team so that, with a blend of their experience and best practices, they will enable us to consolidate our global presence.

– We are also strengthening our alliances with existing and new business partners. The goal is clear: to grow together.

All of this can be summed up in a phrase I used in a talk I gave in September last year by Elon Musk: “If something is important enough you should try it. Even if the possible outcome is failure.”

What we do at GSB is important enough. Let’s go for more!

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