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By: Raziel Zavala

Recruitment Support at GSB

The process of training is necessary for all professionals, although the word may sound too rigorous, it would be a good idea to start by clarifying what it really is. The page defines training as:

“…set of didactic activities, aimed at expanding the knowledge, skills and aptitudes of the personnel working in a company.”

The world is constantly evolving, the jobs of today are not the same as they were 20 years ago and will not be the same as they will be in 30 years. Training allows us to access new information in order to be updated, competitive, functional and efficient. It is necessary and continuous, so companies seek to provide their human capital with the skills they will need or empathize more with their overall goals, however, the right training for ourselves may differ from those that our job provides, this does not mean that it is not profitable, on the contrary, it seeks to complete the preparation starting from the general to the personal.

These tips can help you choose the training you need:


Have the right reason to attend a course, a training must meet the needs that we have as resources in a company, the most fashionable seminars and courses can be interesting but lacking coherence with our job profile. The goals and functionality have to match us, as this does not mean repeating the same training. Choose the course that is related to your job profile, that exploits and develops your skills but also broadens your horizons, new useful information is always welcome.


Don’t waste your resources because not all places are prepared to provide the right training. The vast majority of training courses specify whether they provide some kind of certification or diploma, this is a fundamental evidence of our training so find out so as not to invest in something that will not be useful for later, remember that certifications have a great curricular weight and if a renowned institution provides them, their value is even greater.

Technical situations

Speaking of not wasting, there are factors that we cannot ignore such as location, price and time, as they are important when selecting our next training course. The location is something that sometimes we do not take into account and can cause us more problems. Make sure you don’t have to cross the whole city, it is not convenient to travel for 2 hours to attend a 1 hour course. Take into account: if your company gives you the freedom to train yourself regulates your time, try not to let the courses affect your work routine and deadlines. Finally, the price, the only valid advice for this point is “make it count”. All your resources are important, so be informed so that you make an investment and not an expense.

Training is a duty not an obligation, try to train yourself according to the needs of the labor market, your current job and your career plan. Information changes and refreshes, it is the duty of a professional to be updated, so periodically review the development of your job, what new skills you require or new knowledge that is indispensable.

If you want to continue working in the future, be prepared.

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