This program allows to know the advanced functionality of Microsoft Project by understanding the capabilities of the application, Associating a functionality as support to a project management process that provides participants with a tangible practice

Addressed to

  • Project managers from any area of activity and all those who wish to learn how to optimally plan and manage a project.


8 hours


  • Face-to-face

  • Virtual live through digital platforms

  • on site

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  • Diploma in Project Management

It includes

  • 8 hours of training

  • Trained instructors

  • Participant manual in digital format

  • Proof of participation


Lesson 1: Project with other Applications

  • Import a task list.

  • Import resources from an Excel list.

  • Templates in Excel

  • Configuring Project to support external data

  • Export project costs to Excel to a pivot table

  • Export project data to a dynamic diagram in view.

  • Export Project data to Microsoft Word.

  • Export project data to a PowerPoint presentation.

Lesson 2: Project Update

  • Assign a % of progress to the tasks.

  • Split Tasks

  • Reschedule a task

  • Filter tasks in a project plan.

  • Default Tracking Filters.

  • autofilters

  • Group Tasks in a project plan.

  • Default Groupings.

  • Custom Groupings.

  • Find data by mixing filters and groupings

  • Add Columns to views.

Lesson 3: Create Printed Reports.

  • Create a report.

  • Types of Report and sub reports.

  • Set headers and footers

  • Print.

Lesson 4: Manage Multiple Projects

  • Share Resource

  • Sharer Project.

  • Read person overassignments in more than one project

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