Certified Business Analysis ProfessionalTM (CBAP®)

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This program is oriented to learn how to apply the best practices of business analysis defined by the IIBA® as well as to obtain the basis for certification as Competency in Business Analysis (CCBA®).

Aimed at

This course is aimed at people whose work or personal requirements are to align solution initiatives with strategic business objectives and achieve certification as a CBAP® or CCBA®: 

  • Business Analysts  
  • Process analysts  
  • Project Managers  
  • Area managers 
  • ICT professionals  
  • Marketing Professionals 
  • Professionals whose main work is in the analysis of critical business requirements.


40 hours




  • Background, present and future of business analysis.
  • The emergence of business analysis and its evolution.
  • The IIBA®.
  • The BABOK® Guide.
  • Benefits of Business Analysis.
  • Let’s talk business.
  • Why Business Analysis?
  • What is Business Analysis?
  • What does Business Analysis do?
  • The role of the Business Analyst.
  • Fundamental concepts of Business Analysis.
  • Define business needs.
  • Evaluate capability gaps.
  • Determine the solution approach.
  • Define the scope of the solution.
  • Define the business case.
  • Plan the Business Analysis approach.
  • Conduct stakeholder analysis.
  • Planning of Business Analysis activities.
  • Business Analysis communication planning.
  • Planning of the Requirements Management process.
  • Business Analysis performance management.
  • Elicitation Preparation.
  • Perform the Elicitation Activity.
  • Documentation of Elicitation Results.
  • Confirmation of the results of the Elicitation.
  • Prioritize Requirements.
  • Organize Requirements.
  • Requirements Specification and Modeling.
  • Define Assumptions and Limitations.
  • Verify Requirements.
  • Validate Requirements.
  • Requirements Management and Solution Scope.
  • Requirements Mapping Management.
  • Maintenance of Requirements for Re-use.
  • Prepare Requirements Packages.
  • Communication of Requirements.
  • Evaluate the Proposed Solution.
  • Distribution of Requirements.
  • Evaluate the Organization’s Availability.
  • Define Transition Requirements. v. Validate the Solution.
  • Evaluate Solution Performance
  • Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving.
  • Behavioral Characteristics.
  • Business Knowledge.
  • Communication Skills. Interaction Skills.
  • Software Applications.
  • IIBA® Certifications
  • Certification process
  • CBAP Certification Examination

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