The advantages of the dynaEdge DE-100!

Toshiba’s sistheme dynaEdge AR is the set of smart glasses that are connected to a microcomputer running Windows 10. As with Google Glass Enterprise Edition, the Japanese glasses will work through systems adapted to the cloud, this technology comes to compete with others that are currently in the business environment as Vuzix or the search engine glasses.

DynaEdge DE-100 (with Windows 10 operating system, Intel Core m7 processor), the Toshiba AR100 smart glasses (display, microphone, touch panel, camera and speakers), is a device designed for the business sector with the intention of being a robust and lightweight solution to improve efficiency in the areas of manufacturing, maintenance and logistics.

This tool seems to have been taken out of a science fiction movie, but it is already a reality, for a Support Engineer, it will be a great support in their daily activities, since it allows them to give support from anywhere by simply connecting to any laptop that has the dynaEdge system and to guide, with great precision, anyone who has no knowledge in support.

It will also help you to be able to train the user, perform configurations and connections of high difficulty.

At GSB we believe this will be a valuable tool. These glasses not only provide the critical information workers need at the right time, but they can also record and transmit their situation to an application or a remote expert for help, advice and interaction in real time. It is also mobile, thanks to its battery and WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Augmented reality and virtual reality

Despite being intertwined, augmented reality and virtual reality pose different revolutions, the former adds elements to our real environment, while the latter allows us to create a virtual world from scratch, with everything we want.

The term “Augmented Reality” was coined in 1992 by scientist and researcher, Thomas P. Caudell, while developing one of the world’s most famous airplanes: the Boeing 747. Caudell noticed that the operators in charge of assembling the new aircraft were spending too much time interpreting instructions and thought: What if they had access to a screen to guide them through the installation? The invention did not succeed, but At that precise moment, the concept of “Augmented Reality” was born.

Since 2016, many companies from various sectors were already starting to use it with the aim of creating valuable experiences for their customers.

By: GSB Mexico Support Services Team

José Damazo Tzab Eb

José Moices Padilla Tun

Jorge Alejandro Medina Pérez

Andrea Guadalupe Bruciaga Sánchez

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