The Sprint Goal: the Sprint Goal

For teams working on Scrum, the Sprint Goal is the most important objective that the team has to accomplish during the Sprint.

It helps everyone in the team and those involved to be aligned on what is the most important, the highest priority in each iteration.

Establish and draft the Sprint objective is the responsibility of the entire Scrum team, as it represents a concrete business need, whose requirements are ordered in the Product Backlog

The development team, according to the order of the elements in the Product Backlog and according to its capacity, during the SprintPlanning, selects the elements it is committed to perform, and with the Product Owner, they will agree on the sprint goal.

To facilitate communication and shared understanding, it is recommended that the Sprint Goal be a sentence in business language, for example: “That the customer can pay for a product online“.

Having a goal in each Sprint honors the values of Scrum, since it serves to focus to the team, who are compromises to fulfill its mission, develops the courage to overcome the impediments that arise along the way, transparency on their degree of achievement when following up on dailies and in this regard to the team and stakeholders with the focus on the goal.

One metric of value to the team is the “value of the equipment”.Sprint Goal Success“The goal of this indicator is 100%, but according to the maturity of the team and the product, it is desirable that its trend is increasing.

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I invite you to drive success and continuous improvement in your work teams, incorporating objectives such as the Sprint Goal, and measuring their fulfillment.

Here are links to 2 interesting articles from Paradigma: How to create a Sprint Goal? y The power of the Sprint Goal.

María Esther Remedios

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