Apprenticeship in Human Resources?…Sure!

By: Karla Chávez

Recruitment Support at GSB

Have you ever thought about what you can learn in Human Resources, outside of personnel administration, payroll or pre-payroll, among other things? After some time in this area I have faced difficulties and I have also celebrated achievements that have led me to learn and generate different strategies, specifically in the follow up of the collaborator, I share some of them:

When you are in constant contact with people, in a certain way you learn to observe and identify people’s needs and discomforts, which leads you to try to be more empathetic, patient, to face and solve certain situations. Also, you get to connect, beyond having confidence as “friends” people seek to approach you to clarify doubts, resolve a situation or even to ask for support, and that is a very important point to improve communication and that the follow-up with collaborators is more fruitful.

However, sometimes you will face some complications, for example, when the communication between you and the employee is affected by some dissatisfaction or some other situation, it is important that you remain calm and, as trite as it may sound, take a breath.Afterwards, so that the employee can begin to relax, you can use phrases such as “let me explain, so that we can be clear about this and it can be resolved as soon as possible”, in case this technique does not work, you can choose to comment: “we can talk about it later, to communicate better and clarify the situation”.

Another point to highlight is that creating a link with others is sometimes not easy, so it can be difficult to identify how they really feel in the company and a concern arises about risk prevention, support and improvements, questions arise such as: “what if I fail to identify a red light and this explodes, how do I solve it, can I do it? But it is important that you take into account that you cannot put pressure on people and that you must respect their space. I can only recommend you to be aware of the day-to-day operation and to keep in touch with them in case something comes up so that you can act as quickly as possible, always with a previous analysis of the situation, of course, so that it is efficient.

At first it can be overwhelming, but in the end you will find that all these trials help you to grow and if you look back at where you were and compare it to where you are now you will notice that what you have developed is more than you thought.

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