Lessons Learned from Remote Work

In these almost 3 weeks of remote work, we have experienced and learned many things, among which I would like to highlight:

  1. Stabilize digital connections with Skype, Teams and the use of VPN.
  2. Set up a work space at home, selecting, if possible, the most appropriate place that “takes you away” from the noises and distractions of home.
  3. Creating a work schedule that is compatible with the family reality involves explaining at home that we are teleworking and negotiating time together, especially with the children, without forgetting the adults.
  4. Incorporate active rest breaks to avoid stress and physical exhaustion.
  5. Improve communication and collaborative work among team members, maintaining connection through collaborative tools such as Teams and mobile.
  6. Improve online meetings, with better time control and focus on the agenda.
  7. Optimize the use of Teams, Jira and Confluence as teamwork tools.
  8. To use, in some cases, digital boards such as Miro, online tools such as Funretro and Planningpoker or Scrumpoker.
  9. To be empathetic with the colleague with problems, to have personal and close conversations that cohesive team relationships and reinforce the sense of belonging.
  10. The quality of the online meeting:
  • With clear agendas and prior preparation.
  • Holding meetings that do not exceed 1 hour.
  • Being concrete, avoiding digressions and long interventions.
  • Maintaining the connection and interest of all participants, asking direct questions or queries, or asking them to indicate what they understood.
  • If you didn’t hear or don’t understand, ask for a repeat.
  • Respecting the right to speak with active listening.
  • Have someone take on the role of moderating the meeting, avoiding conversations that go off the agenda.
  • Muting the microphones.
  • Controlled use of the camera if there are connectivity problems, but use it whenever possible, or at least on a rotational basis.

11. Record work sessions and share them with those who cannot be online.

12. Increase remote social practices that increase team cohesion, such as a virtual drink, a chat room to discuss various (non-work) issues, among others.

13. Healthy teleworking involves:

  • Comply with work schedules.
  • Showering and dressing for “teleworking”.
  • Respect meal and break times. Do not eat at the keyboard while working, or stay at the computer for several hours at a time.
  • Stretching and exercising. A sedentary lifestyle can become your worst enemy.
  • Eat healthy. Avoid the snacks full of fat and sugar. Avoid overweight.
  • Take care of yourself and your family.

In today’s times, having health and a job is a great privilege. Being grateful, compassionate and self-managing our emotions will be part of our learning and personal and professional growth.

Courage, like everything in life, this too shall pass.

María Esther Remedios


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