SharePoint Online with Office 365 PowerApps and Flow

By: Saúl Reyes

Technological Solutions at GSB

“Office 365 is a cloud-based subscription service that brings together the best tools for the way people work today. By combining best-in-class applications with highly useful cloud services, Office 365 enables users to create and collaborate from anywhere and on any device.”

A year ago GSB created a basic tool for one of its valued customers to keep track of their incidents, this is handled internally to notify the person in charge in the company (with a copy to the technician who will be in charge of providing support) about the failure.

For this purpose, it was determined the use of: SharePoint, PowerApps and Flow from Microsoft Office 365.

In SharePoint Online we will share, manage content, information and applications that help the team work, with it we create the site so that it can be customizable and able to create lists that help us with the storage of information.

SharePoint Online uses forms by default, for the edition of these forms we use the PowerApps application included in Office 365, in which we edit to customize it according to our needs and the client’s needs. The disadvantage we were able to identify in PowerApps is that you need to have an Office 365 account to access.

For media assignments we use Flow, which allows us to create different types of workflows, this time we use “when an element is created or modified“, so that we can add conditions and improve the use of the tool. In our case we use it to send emails when a ticket is created or finalized.

Another advantage that we can highlight of this development is that it provides the facility to interact with Excel, and this allows us to export the tickets for a good control, for a report and even to generate the consolidated.

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